Thursday, November 26, 2009


Oggi e' la Festa del Ringraziamento, negli USA. Thanksgiving, lo chiamano. Ogni anno, questa festa segnala l' inizio delle festivita' Natalizie, e, dello shopping piu' sfrenato che abbia mai visto.

Non per noi, quest' anno. Abbiamo deciso 11 mesi fa che questo Natale, i doni saranno rigorosamente "fatti in casa". Tanto per ridimensionare le cose, e renderle piu' ... personali, se vogliamo. Si sono verificati altri cambiamenti, ultimamente, che modificheranno queste festivita'. Cose nostre, di famiglia, private insomma. E' un momento di riflessione, di intimita' come famiglia e di profonda riflessione personale.

Ci vediamo tra pochi giorni.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunset sky inTexas

After what seems an eternity, I emerge from a sea of fever, aches, coughs, Kleenex tissue, nights spent sleeping in a chair because I could not lay down and try to sleep ( cough and feeling of choking would overpower me).

Call it flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, call it any way you want it, it was a nasty bug.

Not 100% over yet, but good enough to get back to work and boy, do I gave a backup to catch up to ...

Now our youngest one has started on the same path of endless, repetitive, dry cough spells at night, and insurance or not, she is going to the doc. right away, like NOW.

In the meantime i leave you with a masterpiece set up in the Texas sky few days ago. I happened to be in the right spot at the right moment, and I even had a camera.
Wrong lens, but hey, who is looking, right ? (hint: click on the picture to really see it..)
This picture is "straight out of the camera" NO editing of ANY sort.

Enjoy the entire sequence here .
And don't steal my pictures, copyright law enforced. And I am coming after you.