Monday, November 19, 2007

What to do, what to say ... ?

Oh, my .. It is mid-November, already, and this is the first post.

I promised to have this thing up and running sometime in August, a whooping 3 months ago. You all must think Italy gobbled us up, and we disappeared in a black hole, somewhere.

Nope, we are still here. Thanks to the "customer-disservice" of the main Italian phone company, Telecom, we have been waiting since August the 11th for a DSL line to be installed, but so far, nothing, nada, niente.

Internet Points in town are few, expensive, and sometime with weird hours or even weirder customers... Anyway, the local city library finally got up to the 21st century, got a sweet wi-fi "reading room", just acroos the streeet from a local old-timer snack place ( more will follow, and it is worth it, trust me...)

So, here we are, back in cyberspace from Trieste (Italy) , the town I grew up in, trying to spend some (quality) time in the old-continent...

More tomorrow, for real!


Heather said...

:) Welcome to blog world! We sure miss you all. Awaiting more info and photos!

P.S. We got a kitten! Go see my blog post for today!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from you all, we miss you a bushel and a peck!! Can't wait to here more, hope you have a happy turkey day!
Love and hugs, Susie Vearner