Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's Bobici, anyway .. ?

Someone wrote ( Hi Paul ... ! ) and reminded me I haven't yet fully explained the name of this blog. Right on, so here we are with a full explanation.

I have lived in Texas for almost 17 years, and I adore barbecue. Right now my family and I are living in Trieste, north.eastern corner of Italy, and that's the city I grew up in. Bobici is to Istria and Trieste what Barbecue is to Texans....

Let's talk about Barbecue: If you do not know what this is, well, I am so sorry for you, looks like your "gastronomic" life is not complete just yet.
There is a solution: run, don't walk, to Cooper's in Llano, Texas, ask for forgiveness, and let them introduce you to one of the gifts of Texas. After all, Texas Monthly wrote in 2001:

( If you are not a Texan, there is still hope. Just go to Cooper's and they will take care of you )

"50 Things Every Texan Should Do:

1. Read William Barret Travis's famous letter while inside the Alamo.
2. Raft down the Rio Grand through Big Bend's Santa Elena Canyon.
3. Pick your own piece of meat from the giant pit at Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in Llano."

Now, for the Bobici, part. That is *my* heritage ...
Bobici is a delicious soup typical of the Istria Region, in the North-West of Croatia, or, if you prefere, in the North East of Italy...
My birth place, my home, and a beautiful place to see....
Bobici is a soup made of corn, beans, and, well, just have a look:

* 50 g, (2 oz.) young corn from the cob
* 300 g, (10 oz,) beans
* 600 g, (l lb. 5 oz.) potatoes
* 100 g, (4 oz.) smoked bacon
* 100 g, (4 oz.) smoked meat or prosciutto
* 3 cloves garlic
* 1 bunch of parsley and celery
* 50 ml, (2 fl. oz.) olive oil
* salt and pepper

Clean the beans and set to soak 24 hours before required. Wash the smoked meat or prosciutto. Then make the pesto - finely chop the bacon, garlic and parsley to a paste-like consistency. Chop the celery leaf. Peel and slice (or dice) the potatoes. Place the beans and smoked meat in water to cook. As soon as the water boils add the prepared pest. When half cooked, add the corn, chopped celery , potatoes, oil, salt, pepper
Continue cooking until all ingredients are soft. Let it "rest" for 10 minutes, serve, eat, enjoy.

The corn *must* be young at the point that if you press on the kernel with your fingernail, it will "bleed" its milky juice.

Here you have it, from Texas to Trieste and Istria, or if you like, from Barbecue to Bobici ...

See you next time.

Bolina Stretta.


Anton Vondrak said...

Sounds tasty. I wonder how it would taste wrapped in a flour tortilla with some green tobasco on the side?

Bolina Stretta said...

Well, it would probably taste good.
Remember, however remember, it's a soup... And about that Tabasco .. my mouth is watering, I am missing those tex-mex spicy sauces ...;-)
Habanero, where are you ... ?

mille myrtle said...

or with some Texas Pete's? at C H I P O T L E?

Bolina Stretta said...

Chipotle ... ? Oh, yes ! Too bad I am about 5000 miles from the nearest Chipotle ... BTW, how did you find my blog ?

Sprittibee said...

:) Silly - it is us. Your buddies back home. Email me and I'll tell you where the names came from.

cookieintern said...

Hey G's!!
the soup sounds fab!
we are Chipotle'd OUT! Had a carnitas taco bar at our Christmas party and have been eating leftovers since! NEVER thought i'd say i need a Chipotle break! HA!
missing you all...
CB, WB and the Braclets