Monday, November 17, 2008

Advertisment - Pubblicita'

The usual bus stop, Via Locchi, for a while there was this big advertisement-poster for a local Bank. My bus was late ( or I was early ) so, I had time to really look at this picture, and I noticed it was a unique case of "big mistake" in advertisement history.

Look at it: the lady is stirring a pot on the stove, gas flame going full blast. Next to the pot, a pot holder, just inches from the flame. Immediately below, a little child, smiling and looking up at mom, unaware she is about to start a fire and dump a hot pot on him... In the meanwhile the other kid is sitting on a small shelf connecting to cabinets, and he is looking at the laptop mom is using always while stirring the pot on the fire ( off course she never looks at the stove).

So, on a matter of seconds, the pot could fall on the child below, the pot holder catch on fire, the laptop falls down, the kid on the shelf falls with the shelf on top of the dog .. all in a day's work... ;-)
Who on earth signed off on this advertisement ?


rob said...

Uaaa! Proprio divertente ! Una pubblicitĂ  veramente demenziale, ma non avevo fatto proprio caso all'improbabile quadretto familiare.

rob said...

forse un messaggio subliminale di un pubblicitario sovversivo che ci esorta a diffidare delle banche?