Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today is a bad day. I have been hit by a huge migraine, with no end in sight. Blogging is the last thing in my agenda for the day, however I don't want to leave you all empty ended.

These two pictures are separated by 45 years. That's my father, holding me (left) and my sister, on the balcony of our apartment in Pola where we lived back then.

The other picture is me, 2007, in Trieste, holding Angelina, on the balcony of another apartment ...

She is my last child, 3rd girl, and fourth kid.
As you can see, she is an absolute cutie and knows how to get her dad to melt like ice in a hot Texas day....

These pictures go hand in hand, separated by 45 years, generations, kids, travel, Istria, Italy, Texas, but the love and the pride are one and the same.


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rob said...

Ciao Roberto! Mai molar, anche col mal de testa, sempre agiornar el blog.
Molto toccante l'abbinamento delle due foto. Sei fortunato ad avere una foto così carina ed affettuosa di tuo padre.