Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why ?

In August of 2007 I took my family back to live in Trieste for a school year, so my kids could spend a little time immersed in the "other side" of their heritage, and have an Italian school year. As soon as we got there, I grabbed my camera, a few bus tickets ( more on buses in Trieste later on..) and off I went to re-discover my city...

Then, as soon as I got off the capolinea of bus line # 9, my heart stopped, in horror. I had been told the new city-built swimming pool was an .. eye opener, but I had no idea it was this bad.

How on earth has this been allowed to happen ? Rob of Trieste Daily Photo gives us every day a gorgeous photo of Trieste, and the city permits a nightmare like this ?

Italy is the country of art, style and design, Ferrari, Pininfarina, Ferragamo, Venice, and I could go on.. Who signed on the project of this building, the Joker ? I also heard that the building has been "cursed" with problems from day one .. I can see why. Happy Weekend.

Ciao !


rob said...

Nel mio blog pensavo di dare spazio anche a queste brutture. Non posso far fina che non ci sia la ferriera, per esempio!!! .... cosa ne pensi?
Grazie per le belle parole.

rob said...

Comunque dev'essere stata proprio una brutta sorpresa!!

Bolina Stretta said...

La ferriera ?? Da Agosto 2007 a Giugno 2008 ho vissuto a 1500 metri dalla Ferriera ... balcone pieno di polvere nera ogni mattina...

La conosco bene purtroppo.

Ciao !