Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food Tuesday

I know, I am late.
Hey, here it's 11:33PM, on TUESDAY, so, technically, I am still ok.

Well, food then. I start the food Tuesday with Breakfast, Texas style. Every now and then, my wife's grandparents invite us over for breakfast, and it is a sweet moment. They really enjoy having us and the rest of the (big) family over in the morning to have some coffe, and a full size breakfast.

And while it is really neat to see my youngest daughter ( 2 years old) eating across the table from her great grandfather (84) , if you are on a diet of any sort, this is a breakfast not for the faint of heart. The final result is above, let's see the ingredients one at the time:

Sausage and beacon:

Then we add the eggs:

Now the biscuits:

A little bit of gravy ( Rob, si tratta di besciamella) on them biscuits, a hot cup of coffee, and you are set. It's good if you are a lumberjack, not too good if after this you go and seat at a desk for 8 hours... Either way, for us, dieting consideration aside, "breakfast at (great) grandma is a treat not to miss. It's a moment spent together, as a (big) family, and in this world that seems to be spinning out of control, it's not a small thing, is it ?

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rob said...

Inizio ad accusare dipendenza ai tuoi post! Tutti scritti con il cuore!
Gran bella colazione. Pesante è pesante, ma alla malora le calorie quando c'è di mezzo una mitica nonna e l'armonia di una famiglia allargata. C'è sempre ...la corsa campestre per smaltir!