Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Texas ? I don't think so ..

Everybody always says it's hot in Texas, and yes, in the summer you really don't want to have to live without Air Conditioning. Winters are "usually" mild and rather short.

Winter 2003, however was a different one and it brought us a cold spell that lasted a while ( a week of cold in Texas is long and it brought us this ice that was collecting all around.

My daughter Isabella was having fun with the ice !

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Sprittibee said...

It's feeling much like that right now! Last night we had blizzard like snow (that didn't stick). We pulled in the chives, dill, and lettuce from the garden. Hope it all will be good for tonight's dinner. I need some suggestions on what to cook! ;)

I was thinking a sweet potato soup with chives and sour cream... and maybe a cucumber dill salad or dill cream sauce on snapper? With a small side salad of course (the lettuce won't last more than a day out of the garden).