Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I want a better year !

I have been noticeably gone from the blog for a week. I had decided to take a break, and spend some more time with the family. Well, the day I wanted to start to post again, I got a phone call from my sister ... She told me that my mom had a brain blood cloth ( brain stroke ? ) and is at the Hospital in Pula (Croatia) where my parents currently live.

My parents were at the market, getting groceries, and having a coffee, when suddenly my mom felt dizzy, had a short loss of consciousness and lost use of her right hand for several minutes.
The ambulance was called, and she was admitted at the local hospital for what appears to be a transient ischemic attack (ITA) Now, she seems to be doing fine. The doctors are going to run the usual tests for this situation, CatScan, MRI, and attempt to find the blood cloth, and decide the appropriate course of action.

My sister ( who is a volunteer paramedic ) says she thinks the doctors at the Pula hospital seem to be quite good, however she will talk to them again after all the test are done, and decide if a transport to Italy could be needed.

I am stuck here, at the other side of the ocean, and quite worried. I hope she will have a full recovery. January the 17th is going to be their 50th wedding anniversary.

This year has been not a good one, and 2009 better get to work fast, and improve some.
Normal posts will resume soon.

Happy 2009 to all.

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