Friday, January 2, 2009

To the eyes of a child.

Next to my house, just behind it, there is a wooded area, few acres of trees, and it is used by my kids to play and have fun in it.

My third child, Isabella, loves going out and exploring the "forest". "It's magic, dad, like the Secret Garden... !" she says often.

As an adult it's easy to forget how a child's fantasy can transform the mundane into something extraordinary. I still remember my pure, sheer enjoyment of the "Tigri della Malesia" saga, by Salgari, a "must read" for all Italian boys.

I imagined adventures and dangers around every corner, from my house to the Boschetto behind my house.

Wait, so I had a Boschetto too, just like Isabella does... Go ahead, Isabella, enjoy your adventures, growing up comes too fast anyhow.

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