Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am back ( again )

July 24th to September 29th .... how long is that ?

There is definitely a number that you can attach to those dates, and for those of you of mathematical personality, I will tell you, it is 68 days.

In Internet or blogging time, it is an eternity. I almost feel like I should start all over, but then again, I ask myself, why ? I think I got something here, it's good. Not perfect, but good.

And, as the movie quote goes, " everybody loses a couple, but you either pack up and go home, or you keep fighting" or my other favorite quote, from the same movie: " You don't throw away a whole life just 'cause it 's banged up a little."

Recovering from the wreck has been a *lot* harder than I ever expected.
Physically and mentally.

I was gone from blogging for a long time, simply because I didn't care, and it didn't make much sense to me, considering all that I was going through.

Until a friend ( a blogger, mind you) told me that blogging is better than therapy, 2nd only to gardening... Hmmm, there was an option for me that I didn't even consider. Central Texas has been in such a state of drought for a long time that gardening is a thing of the past, so blogging (again) could actually be something I should try. Now it started to rain, so gardening is an option as well, but blogging ... I really like it. I don't know the direction this blog will take in the next few weeks, but if you read me, leave a note.

Some friends came in yesterday from Italy, and they brought a *fresh* Corriere della Sera, still with that smell of Italian newsstand that you know only if you grew up in Italy...

So, this morning, I enjoyed an ancient Italian ritual: early morning newspaper, and espresso.

Oh, yes, even in the mist of adversity, finding small joys in little rituals, helps.

See you tomorrow.
For real.

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