Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ugali ? No, Polenta.

Well, there I was, in Uganda, East Africa, fall of 2006. It was semi-work related trip, a fact-finding trip for a non-profit that organizes medical missions all over the world.
We were in Jinja, Uganda, guests of a friend, Adam. I was told over and over about "Ugali" and how it was a local staple, very good and they invited us for a meal at a local "cafe'" for a lunch with some Ugali ... While waiting, we went in the back of the cafe' to see the kitchen, and how this famous ugali was prepared... You can imagine my surpries when I saw the ugali.. look below:

Yes, ugali, in Eas Africa is noting else than polenta.
Our friends in Jinja were so excited that the mzungu knew ugali and liked it ... That was an amazing trip, that will be another post, maybe.

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Toni Brayer MD said...

Amazing shot of a kitchen in Africa and the "snack" photos do say it all. Fresh vs. fried and processed.