Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Isacco and Angelina, cousins from one side of the Ocean to the other. Isacco is my oldest of 4 nephews, 19 years of age, just graduated from High School in Trieste. He is staying with us, for a few days, while he finds a new apartment for himself. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share our apartment and our lives with him for a few weeks.
He and Angelina, one evening on the couch, and she got him to read some stories to her. It was the sweetest thing... Francesca could not resist from quietly taking some pictures. Isacco got a job last September, 2 months from his High School graduation day, and in Italy, in this economy, that is a big thing, considering that the job itself is in his field of studies, and it is a full time, permanent position.

Isacco graduated from the Technical Nautical Institute of Trieste. 5 years of grueling 38 to 40 hours/week nautical school that prepares the students to be "Ship Captains" and other highly specialized professions in the nautical / marine industry. He now works as an "Agente Marittimo" ( Ship Agent / Port Agent ) Basically , whenever a freighter comes in, he goes aboard to inspect the ship and make sure all documentation is OK, and does other administrative duties related to a ship's arrival. He loves it, even when he has to go aboard at 3:00AM, in the middle of winter ... in the middle of the Trieste Bay.
He is a good kid, with a great heart, and we love him.


Heather said...

How sweet. :) He sounds great. Wish I could meet him in person! What an interesting job - and right out of high-school, that is GREAT! Even in America it is hard to get a job in your field after years of college. I think that is a blessing in any country.

We miss you guys a lot. But I'm so glad you are getting to be there right now!!!

wyeast said...

That's awesome...he looks so much like you Roberto.
Glad you guys have a blog now!

Miss our Taco Bell talks.

Stay safe Madofu!!

Carminina @_@ said...

That is so adorable!! You should get more pictures of Isaco though... I would really like to see what he looks like!