Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Photographers 1st Post...

This is one of my more artistic pictures, over our balcony. I missed a great opportunity, as a mom in a black coat was walking her small child home, who was wearing a bright red coat. the photo was so perfect, yet our camera so slow, I almost felt like yelling at them to 'please don't move for a second!' ... I'm sure you can think of many reasons for me not to do that.
Well, I would like to introduce myself. I am semi-official photographer for the family blog.
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(this is me and yes, the headphones are always there, 'music, my daily medicine'...more like my hourly medicine. I can't get enough music. And my dad will affirm that.)

Me and my dad will sign our posts so you know who is who. Anyway, as already mentioned, mom got back yesterday and I made dinner that evening... Please don't ever let me in a kitchen again. =) It was nice to eat a mom meal again today. Heh.

Anyway, TTFN,

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Rose said...

heehee!! No one I know uses TTFN any more!! *hugs*