Friday, November 28, 2008

What have we become.

Fall, dead leaves, change of season. Moods change too, and today my mood is really "fall" like.

I just heard on the news about the Walmart employee that has been killed by hundreds of "shoppers"running over him to get "first" to the discounted stuff... What have we become ? For a discount on a Tv or an Ipod we trample over a human being, for Christmas ? I can imagine the scene, on Christmas days: Merry Christmas, my son, I hope you like the Wii game console, I run over a man's head to get to it first.

Not to mention the 2 people shot to death at "Toys R us". Not to mention the terrorists attack in India.
Stop the "Season", I want to get off. We have learned nothing. There is no meaning left in what we keep calling "Cristhmas"

The one thing that would really be nice, right now, would be being in Trieste, with a friend, a birretta or a glass of Terano, un panin de cotto da Siora Rosa, going to sit at the end of Molo Audace, and shut everything else out just for a few hours, that would be good. Here, somehow I cannot do that.
Rob, have a good "Spaten" for me, please.
I am going to bed, hug my kids and hope for a better day tomorrow morning, maybe una fresca bavisela ....



rob said...

Solo per consolarti volevo dirti che attualmente sul Molo Audace fa un freddo boia!
Ma volentieri passerei il Natale in osmiza! Ma una vera, perĂ², con solo vin e ovi duri!

Bolina Stretta said...

Il freddo non e' un problema, dai !
Lo scorso inverno ero sul Molo Audace alle 7 di sera, con la Bora forte ! Vabbe' ammetto che ce la siamo data a gambe dopo 5 minuti, e preso rifugio al Bar in Piazza della Borsa per una cioccolata *bollente* ...

Ciao !