Monday, December 1, 2008


Barcola is a beautiful long seaside walkway in Trieste, as I already posted in this blog, and as Rob from Trieste Daily Photo showed us.

What is not much known to people outside of Trieste is that Triestini are avid "outdoors" people. Hiking, biking, you name it. One of the outdoor activities that triestini do not give up easily, is the "andiamo a Barcola" ( Let's go to Barcola for a walk )

Not cold, rain, sleet or snow will stop them. Last year I was back in Trieste for a while, and off course I too run to Barcola as often as I could, no matter the weather. One of those days, I saw this mom and her little girl walking in a day that usually kids are at home.. It was cold, rainy and just "one of those days" that you think you should have staid home... And here they were, happily walking. My daughter Francesca was with me, she took the camera and "click" ...


rob said...

Hai proprio ragione. I Triestini sono affezionatissimi a Bracola, alla sua pineta, ai Topolini, al lungomare fino alla meta finale: Miramar! Due chilometri e mezzo irrinunciabili per un triestin doc!

Bolina Stretta said...

Ricordo di aver letto da qualche parte, che in Italia, non c'e' una cosa simile, un lungomare cosi' .. lungo, cosi' bello e cosi frequentato dai cittadini.

Ciao !