Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are we moving yet ?

As a general population, Americans move way more often than Italians. I know something about that...

In the States one moves following a job, a family member, or, sometimes, ... just because, almost for no apparent reason, following a nomad genetic instinct that pushes people to wonder from state to state.

In the last 10 years the general consensus has been that Californian are escaping the high cost of living in California and moving to Texas, where generally speaking, the cost of life not so high.

It's not that simple. I often wondered how can they do it, so easily. Talking to them about it, it' s like nothing. Pack your stuff, rent-a-truck, drive and you are gone. It almost seems like the truck or a trailer has replaced the wagon, from the Old West.
For Europeans, Italians, we see things quite differently. Moving is usually done in the same city, or at most in the same "Regione". More than that, it is a life long trauma. We are so tied to our land, our food, smells, the sound of our dialect, oh my gosh. Just writing "un spritz de bianco e un ovo duro, una de sardoni" makes me salivate. The smell of Bora in winter, the sound of the sea... Don't get too nostalgic here.

A friend told me once, that I need to "bloom where you are planted"
Then, she run to load up her moving truck and moved back to Texas, from Arkansas.
The picture in this post is living proof of that ... ;-)

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Sprittibee said...

Hey - I'm chasing my husband and he's chasing his paycheck... so we have to bloom on the move. We are one of those 'air plants' that don't need dirt, I guess.

We are thrilled to be back in 'your neck of the woods' though. :) All the time we have with your family is a treasure. Hope we can stick around this time... the dirt is lookin' good.