Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick weekend post.

Today is a dog-day. Fridge broke, and off course it's full of food. Olive oil spilled on the floor tops this Saturday morning. That's why today is going to be a different, quick blog.

I was browsing at pictures from last year, when we where in Italy, and I found my favorite sequence of "clicks". No, they are not technically perfect any way or form.
It's what they represent that counts more than anything. These two in the phots are my Dad and my youngest daughter, Angelina, having a blast of fun at Christmas eve's (Vigilia di Natale ) dinner last year.

They are the oldest and youngest of a the Italian side of the family. I have four kids, my sister has 4 as well, that makes for a respectable size family gathering. Last Christmas, when these pictures where taken, my Dad and Angelina were inseparable.

She adores him, and for my dad, she is the youngest and the last grandchild. No wonder they "sparkle" together.

Memories of a fantastic family reunion, when laugh, smiles, plenty of things to share and remember, in the future, when things will be different.

I will let them have fun, while I clean up the oil ...

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rob said...

C'รจ un premio per te, anzi due!