Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cold, Boxes, coffee...

I have been "missing in action" for11 days, that's a lot to be gone from a blog, in cyberspace !

Our move is 90% done. Right now we are living in a sea of half-opened boxes , with stuff everywhere.. I can hardly find my stuff. Oh, well, just a few more weeks and everything will be back in its proper place, including my blog. I just found my Bialetti Moka, and my coffee.
Life is good.

In the meantime, here in Texas, believe it or not, we are experiencing a cold, arctic air blast that for Central Texas is unusual. What happened to global warming ? Where is our 110 degrees heat when you need it ?

Today there is no going to work in the morning. Just have a look at the (company) truck I drive these days, it's coated in ice. Now, don't laugh. I know in Trieste, my home town, things like this are more the norm, along with the bora. Here, all radio stations are broadcasting special emergency programs becasue the temperature is just below freezing and there *could* be some thin ice on some bridges and overpasses. In Trieste, life as usual.

See you all tomorrow.

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