Monday, January 5, 2009


Feeding a family of 6 without "breaking the bank" is a challenge and recently has become a real necessity to save as much as possible, and still eat good food.

In the USA, the Sunday paper is the gold mine of store coupons, if one wants to spend little time cutting, clipping, slashing, and then going to one or two stores. It is worth it.

So our Sunday afternoons are filled with the sound of scissors "clipping coupons", and my wife is the specialist, the coupons ninja, the Jedi Master of "special of the day" ...

My wife went to the store, tonight, armed with a stash of coupons that would have made a Louisiana gambler cry in shame... When she came home, her total grocery bill was $ 317.40, and the coupons saved $127.18, so she ended up paying $ 190.22. Not bad for one hour of clipping coupons... ;-) Here is the loot:

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