Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Friday

Today is very busy, so you have to forgive me for the "shortness" ( is it a real word ? ) of this post.

When I am back home, in Italy, often friends and family, ask me the question I fear the most:

"So, ... (pause) how IS life in America ( or Texas ), anyway ... ?"

This is a super loaded question, and to answer it correctly it would require .. Wikipedia. There is no way to summarize how "life is" in Texas. Then comes the 2nd question, the one I HATE the most: "So, is it true that in Texas everyone has guns ?

Well, ... a lot of people, actually ... do own guns. This is going to be the subject of another topic, I just wanted to introduce it, with a picture.

One day we go and visit some friends, in south Austin, (and for Texans, this alone has a meaning of its own) . I have a cheap digital camera that I wanna test and play with to see how it works. I take a lot of pictures,and the next day, at home, I review them, one at the time, and I come across this one:

It's my girl, Isabella, on the left, with her friend.
I give you three seconds to tell me what's ... peculiar in this picture.
Welcome to Texas.

See you tomorrow...


1 comment:

rob said...

La so.... il fucile non ha il colpo in canna!

(Pezesca sta foto comunque!)