Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer, scorcer, heat.

It's summer, down here.
Hot, skin peeling, scorching, sweaty humid, Texas summer.
This weekend we should reach 107 Fahrenheit ( about 40-41 Celsius) and it just rained 2 inches of rain, with one of those Texas hail storms, with 1 inch 3/4 of hail, wind, thunder, the whole nine yards. And now, it is even hotter than before the storm. And it's almost midnight.

It's the time of the year when one learns quickly that form of art that is driving with one or max. two fingers, since the steering wheel is so hot that no way one puts the whole hand on it.

When you walk in the parking lot, you actually think "if I fall down, I will stick to the asphalt ... "

In Texas, summers are hot, and long. There is, however, one small revenge, for us humans.
It's called "Ice Tea" and it is THE official drink of Texas, trust me.

Ice tea is everywhere, in Texas, during summer months. Any restaurant without Ice tea in the menu, might as well close right away. And it must be huge, tall, glasses, overflowing with ice, frosted on the outside .... hmmmm I can feel it now. And off course, free refills.

Few years ago there was a candidate for the office of Governor of Texas. I can't remember his name, actually his ideas were quite good, but he had one great proposal.

If elected, he would have proposed an amendment to the Texas Constitution, and make it so that during the summer months, it was a constitutional right, for every citizen of the great Lone Star State of Texas, to have a free glass if ice cold tea. Big one, mind you.
Unfortunately , he did not became governor, so we still pay for our ice teas.

Oh, well, maybe next time.
In the meantime, be well, and stay cool, and have an ice tea on me.

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