Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It happened. One of those unavoidable, sudden, life changing, painful events in life.
A car crash. Rather bad one too. Car is a total loss, we are hurt but a lot less than what "could have been".

June 19th, 2009, Friday afternoon, Highway 53, East of Temple, Texas. On my way home from the kid's camping trip, with Isabella and other friends. It was a caravan of cars, all friends from church.

From the opposite direction, an incoming car, suddenly jumps into my lane, I try to avoid it, it hits my car in the left side, my car gets thrown off-road, in the ditch, and rolls. I have no recollection of how may times we rolled. According to the State Tropper, from 4 to 6 (!!)

Remarkably, of all 5 kids in the car, and me, there are only few injuries. One girl has two broken ribs, bruised lungs. My daughter has bruises all over her face, I am beaten up like a steak, left arm, back, shoulder and hand VERY painful and sore, not to mention thorn muscles and other parts of me that hurt all over.
But we are all alive.

That's it for now, typing hurts and this is all I can do. (click on the pictures )

Be safe,

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Heather said...

Wow. That's scary. So glad you guys aren't hurt worse. Hope that the aches and pains go away soon - and that there are no underlying causes that were missed by the hospital. PLEASE take it easy!!!! Let your body heal.