Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still recovering

Well, I am still here. Recovering from spine surgery, with a neck brace on 24/7 and painkiller at close proximity.

After the car crash, I went to a neurologist for a visit, since the pain in my back, neck, left shoulder, arm and leg, was getting really bad. To make it short, after a sequence of MRI, CT scan, and X-ray( I was glowing in the dark!), three different doctors, concluded that I had three cervical vertebrae fractured, C5, C6, and (barely) C7. The neck collar was not going to be enough, and immediate ( as in urgent) spine surgery was a must.

So I went in, on July the 15th, and came out the next day, and right now i am at home, recovering. Depressed, groggy, plain old grumpy, with a gorgeous scar on my neck.

More tomorrow, I will do my best to post something FUN, UPlifting, and bright ! Promise !



FEFOLO said...

in these cases there are no words to say, the misfortune is always lurking.
I can only tell you not to ever ever ever give up.


Bolina Stretta said...


thanks for the kind words.
Grazie per il tuo commento, mi fa piacere. Ho visitato il tuo blog, ed e' molto bello !

A presto !